Mindfulness is another word for attention or attentiveness. It means having focus for everything in your experience, in every moment, without judging and with as few automatic responses as possible. Mindfulness teaches you how to look for peace and clarity in yourself. It’s about having an influence on your own energy and life. You discover that one can do more for himself than might have been imagined. Here and now!

For whom is Mindfulness suitable?

Many people sometimes experience life going on beyond them without fully participating. They are worried about what may happen tomorrow or regret what happened yesterday. Or they find that they are falling in automatic reaction patterns in some situations which they might want to change. They seem to have no control over their own actions sometimes.
Do you recognize this and would you like to experience much more of life at the moment it occurs? Then Mindfulness probably can mean a lot to you. Mindfulness is very learnable and suitable for anyone who now and then feels hurried or worrying.

Do you have questions about Mindfulness?

Send an email to info@mindfulnessinouderkerk.nl or call +31 6 2538 0136.